The Team


Philippe Heilès

Philippe Heilès, an equine veterinarian specializing in orthopedics and surgery for over 27 years, has just built a new equine clinic in order to optimize space, equipment and his expertise.

Dr. Heilès founded the clinic 20 years ago. Prior to that, he managed the Veterinary and Farrier Service of the Republican Guard in Paris for 6 years. His activity is local and itinerant as well as international. He especially focuses on the athletic and orthopedic follow-up of many riders’ and owners’ horses residing in France as well as abroad.

During high-level sporting events such as – the SouthEast Asian games (S.E.A. games), Asian games and The Olympic and Para-Olympic games – Dr. Heilès prepares the horses of certain teams for show jumping, dressage and 3 days event while working closely with them.
The construction of these new facilities and state of the art hospital shows how dedicated he is to enhancing veterinary care and offering the best possible service to his clientele.

The development of new imaging and surgical technologies has enabled the clinic to :

– improve the quality of their diagnoses and care.
– ensure the well being of the hospitalized horses.
– optimize their care.
– set up a team of talented and complementary veterinarians.

Equine team

Philippe Heilès

Philippe Heilès


Lorenzo Lambertini


Camille Tesson


Alexandre Charles


Coralie Sestre


Doriane Chicherie

Nurse (in training)

Emilie Bouillon

Nurse (in training)

Nicolas Beauclair

Groom / Maintains the grounds

Audrey Crozemarie

Reception / Administration

Anne-Martine Jovignot

Administration / Accounting

Canine team

Dog clinic on site.

External contributors

Thomas Launois

Specialized in surgery and ophthalmology

Emmanuel Van Herk

Specialized in internal medicine

Marc Baudoux

Osteopathic Veterinarian